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Why Harvest Rainwater with Rain Barrels?

Besides helping the environment, an obvious reason for harvesting rainwater is to save money. The rain water stored in Rain Barrels can have a significant impact on your water bill! Harvesting rainwater stored in rain barrels can help to improve the health of your gardens, lawns, and trees. Rain is a naturally soft water and devoid of chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. For this reason, plants and vegetation respond well to rainwater.


How do I start Harvesting Rain Water via Rain Barrels?


Strategic placement of a rain barrel underneath the gutters of your home can provide a barrel full of rain water in a single downspout.  This rain water, in turn, can be used in practical ways such as watering your garden or even washing a car! With enough rain water harvested throughout the year, you might not even utilize your garden hose during the summer months!

How Much Rain Water can I Harvest in a Rain Barrel During a Rainfall?

For every inch of rain that falls on a flat catchment area of 1,000 square feet, you can expect to collect approximately 600 gallons of rainwater.  Your roof area is equal to the total square feet of your house plus the extension of your eaves. To calculate the square feet of your house’s roof catchment area, you should follow the following simple steps:


Measure the area of the outside walls of your home and add the overhang of any eaves.  For example, let’s say you live in a rectangular house with outside dimensions of 30 feet by 40 feet.  Now determine the overhang of your eaves (typically 2 feet).  So, add the 4 feet of the eaves to each wall length (2 eaves of 2 feet equals an additional 4 feet for each wall) to get the total length of the walls plus the eaves (34 by 44 feet).  Now multiply 34 x 44 (length x width) to get your total roof catchment area =  1496 square feet. 


So...for every inch of rain that falls on this sample home, with a roof catchment area of 1496 square feet, the owner can expect to collect approximately 900 gallons of Rain Water!  

Types of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

There are many possible configurations of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Costs can vary considerably as well depending on the complexity of the systems design as well as the total number of Rain Barrels utilized.  Pricing can be determined through a simple on site consultation!